The Martian Book Review!!


I finished The Martian by Andy Weir recently and I give it 5/5 stars for sure! Goodreads Link!

The Martian, by Andy Weir, is about an astronaut named Mark Watney, who is part of the Ares 3 crew. The crew is to stay on Mars for about thirty days, but they are forced to abort when a particularly violent dust storm comes their way. The crew begins to exit the hab, which is basically where they live, and enter into the MAV, the thing that will take them up into their ship, the Hermes. But, in the midst of the walk between the hab and the MAV, Mark Watney is impaled by debris and left alone, as his crew cannot find him in the chaos. He has to figure out how to survive years on Mars, until someone either rescues him, or he just dies. He must use his extreme intelligence, sense of humor, and super botany powers to get back home.

*Read it before spoilers!*

The Martian had humor and wit, which made the story interesting. For people who don’t like to read about sciencey stuff, The Martian still may be appealing. Although there is a bunch of scientific explanations and such, it is far overshadowed by Mark Watney’s foulmouthed sense of humor. When explaining, it does get a little boring, but it is integrated well into the story and plot. But, the humor really does carry the story, as well as being amazed at how smart this guy is. In real life, I don’t think you could easily find a dude as resourceful as Mark Watney. I don’t have much food, so I’ll use human waste to grow some more. I need water, so I’ll just make it. I need to get home, good thing I’m literally the smartest guy I know. 

I did like the ending, where he does make it back to the Hermes when his crew rescues him. I mean, that part when the makeshift covering comes off the MAV, did they seriously think that would hold?? That is legit insane. Then, like, the bomb? That was a crazy idea that totally worked. Plus Iron Man……….. I do wish there was an epilogue, there was in the movie, but not in the book! There should be a sequel to this or something. Or at least a novella epilogue. But anyway, it was one of the most fantastic books I’ve ever read. New favorite!




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