Book Review: Breaking Dawn

BOOK REVIEWHere’s my review on Breaking Dawn, the last book in the Twilight series. Goodreads Link


*This is a spoiler-filled review*


So. This was my favorite book in the whole saga. It was just filled with a WHOLE lot of stuff. I wish that there had been a big battle at the end with the Volturi, because that would have been AWESOME. I mean, I probably would have gotten really upset because someone died. Plus, I’m not a book/movie crier, so I wouldn’t get, like, a super feels storm of feels. I really have no real criticism for this book at all. So let’s just keep talking about how awesome it is. PLEASE DO NOT HATE ON TWILIGHT! THE BOOKS ARE AWESOME, THE MOVIES ARE NOT, SO PLEASE READ THE BOOKS FIRST BEFORE YOU JUDGE!!!!!!!

But, even in the TERRIBLE movies, Breaking Dawn was my favorite. In both the book and the movies, there is this extra little fire that wasn’t in all the others. Somehow it made it all the more intriguing. Again, no REAL battle! I would’ve been interested to see the annoying Volturi get schooled by the Cullens and their much more awesome friends! I also was really irritated with Jacob. He’s like a gnat who just WONT LEAVE YOU ALONE NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU TRY TO SMACK IT INTO OBLIVION  is a little irritating. He won’t give up on Bella, even though it’s made quite clear that she’s chosen Edward. At least imprinting on Renesmee gave him something to do! If you couldn’t tell, I’m Team Edward all the way. Bella is slightly more likeable as a vampire. She’s not always like: I fall down a lot when I run, or when I try to do anything myself……… 


Can I just say how weird it is to think about how Jacob and Renesmee’s kid is going to be half werewolf/shape shifter, quarter vampire, quarter human. That is going to be one monstrous child. Three species for the price of one! Haha, if that was an ad.




3 thoughts on “Book Review: Breaking Dawn

  1. I must admit I have mixed feelings about twilight, because Bella wasn’t my favorite character ever but the last book was the best of them and I can’t really hate on this series since its what got me into reading. Nice review and cool gifs!

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