Why Do You Get So Many Books from the Library? IDK

Sometimes we book llamas go to the library. WE LOVE THE LIBRARY. But we tend to forget that we only came to get Breaking Dawn. Next thing we know we’ve got 15 books in our bag and people are legit staring at us as we confidently use the self checkout. Why must this be the case every time? Tbh, I have no explanation beyond that we LOVE BOOKS BEYOND WORDS. 

I walk into the library like:



I don’t think so. I wander upstairs into the Teen section. I spot the book I came for. I pick it up and place it in my bag. But then I see the other books with the pretty covers. I know that I’ve wanted to read them for the longest time! I end up with a really heavy library bag. No shame. But lots of irritation. OMG OMG OMG OMG. Why.

I have like a million books at home that beckon me to them. But the library has some sort of power over us book llamas. Makes us do crazy things. Like bookstores!


In conclusion, us book llamas only get so many books from the library because libraries have secret magic to allure even the most iron willed of book nerds. Totally realistic conclusion. *awkward smiles*


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