Throne of Glass Book Review

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I JUST FINISHED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS EVER WOOHOO TOG BY SARAH J. MASS. This book is about a competition of assassins, and that’s kind of all you need to know! If you’ve read it, read the real review below!


So. I’m going to start off and say that I probably ship Celaena and Dorian. I don’t really know. Chaol is cool, and sometimes says the right thing, but…………….. Dorian is SO much more likable. I just don’t know how Celaena is going to ever be able to work it out with either of them. WHAT EVEN. But I guess Chaol just sort of irritates me. BOTH OF THEM DO COOL STUFF AND THEN SAY THE WRONG THING GAH I CAN’T CHOOSE. I’m leaning towards Dorian, though.


But on a more serious note……………………………..I liked the ending, when she wins. I definitely think that the magical elements in this book will come into play in the others. The banished Fae will probably come back or something to be like WE HAVE COME TO BRING MAGIC BACK TO THE LAND or whatever. That’s kinda what happens in a lot of books.


Overall, 5 out of 5 stars! There’s my very short review, thanks!




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