City of Heavenly Fire: A Book Review

CoHF.jpgCity of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare! This was a very good finale to the Mortal Instruments!

THAT PROLOGUE WAS HEARTBREAKING ; __ : GOD NO THEY TOOK MARK! Now he’s all different in Lady Midnight. (which is amazing btw. i’m shipping emma and julian so much!) Stupid Sebastian messing up everyone’s lives. How dare he try and attack London, though! #JESSAMINEPROTECTSTHELONDONINSTITUTEFROMSEBASTIANMORGENSTERN. At least Julian and Emma and all of the Blackthorn children weren’t killed. BUT SERIOUSLY SEBASTIAN DON’T EVEN GO NEAR ANY CARSTAIR OR BLACKTHORN EVER.

Stupid demon dimension draining Magnus! Stupid demon dad of Magnus’. WHY THE HECK DID HE HAVE TO TAKE SIMON’S MEMORIES?!??!?! When he almost killed Magnus, I thought I would cry if he died. Literally I said “WHAT WHAT WHAT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” in public. ;). If Magnus had died, I would have sobbed. I’m guessing. At least Simon gets his memories back! (I’ll do a Shadowhunter Academy review soon). But WWWHHHHHYYYYYYY did he have to take away SIMON’S MEMORIES?!?!??!

Does anyone else hate when the villain who has somehow managed to elude death for a long time is finally dying, and then suddenly they are kind and there is a reason for their misdeeds? SEBASTIAN DID NOT DESERVE TO DIE THE WAY WILL DIED. THEY BOTH SMILED AND DIED. NO. I was outraged when I read it. AND SEBASTIAN JUST HAD TO TURN INTO JONATHAN FOR THE LAST FIVE SECONDS OF HIS LIFE. UGHHHHHHHH. Seriously, though, why the heck did that happen? Then I wanted Jonathan to live, but then I needed to remind myself that this guy turned the best people into Endarkened and ripped my heart into little pieces. Then it just feels kind of like it isn’t a big deal anymore. EVERYONE NEEDED THE VILLAIN DEAD BUT HE DECIDED TO BECOME GOOD FOR A MINUTE AND HAVE EVERYONE WANT HIM TO LIVE. WHYYYYYYYYYYYY. Again, why did he have to die in such a similar fashion to Will????? THEY BOTH SMILED AND DIED. NNNNOOOO. NOT. FREAKING. FAIR.

HOW DID SEBASTIAN KILL ALL OF PRAETOR LUPUS??? JUST, NO. I think Sebastian is like Voldemort, incapable of feeling love. Which really, really is bad news, because they are basically psychopaths. CREEPY CREEPINESSNESSNESS.

THANK YOU FOR READING THIS REVIEW (seriously, I really appreciate it)! I give this book 5/5 stars!!!!


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