Carry On by Rainbow Rowell: A Book Review

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell is now one of my favorite books ever! FANTASTIC.

THIS BOOK NEEDS A SEQUEL!!! I would lovelovelove to have more SnowBaz (thanks to Beth Jones for telling me their ship name) moments!!!

I loved Fangirl so much and I was so excited to read more about Simon and Baz! This was even better than I expected it to be!

First of all, it has a beautiful map!IMG_0000.jpg

But, OH. MY. GOD. It’s obvious from the beginning that Simon, at least, is obsessed with Baz. He’s constantly wondering where he is, and why he hasn’t showed up at Watford. I was constantly looking forward to when Baz finally got back to Watford. I was so happy when he did! When Baz returned, he was obsessed with Simon as well. (kidnapped by numpties. numpties kept baz away from simon.srsly.)

I was really wondering how Lucy died. All of Rainbow’s books that I’ve read so far have very open endings, leaving you to wonder what happens next. Like I said before, I would love to have a sequel to this book, just to get closure (and more Simon and Baz). But Lucy is such a  mysterious character, told through flashbacks and short little chapters. I would probably read a novella about her.

THIS BOOK WAS JUST SO FREAKING AMAZING!!!!john-green-s-happy-dance-o.gif

*happy dance*

Awww, that moment when Simon shows up at Baz’s house for Christmas, just EEEEEEE!!!!! This book and that moment were just pure happiness.


That scene in the woods when Baz sets it on fire, and Simon kisses Baz. I WAS WAITING FOR IT TO HAPPEN EEEEEEE!!!!!!! They are freaking perfect together!!!





He just needed Simon’s power, apparently. I’m so sad that Simon lost all his magic, but it’s kind of okay. He still has wings, and Baz. BUT THIS WAS FREAKING AMAZING WOOOOOOO.

Thank you for reading this review of Carry On by Rainbow Rowell!



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