Top Ten Tuesday #2: Top Ten Thoughts on the Allegiant Movie~ Infinite Disappointment

IMG_5061.jpgI was not expecting a great movie, and this movie was definitely . p.s. this contains spoilers for Allegiant by Veronica Roth, so please heed this warning before continuing!!!

  1. Was the kissing really necessary at the beginning? Seriously? It’s like they are just trying to make this whole movie some kind of contrived teen rom-com. I mean, sure it’s YA, but that doesn’t mean that all “young adults” want to see some movie made up of cheesy lines and cheap romance. There is a reason this movie flopped at the box office (just as I predicted).
  2. David is so old. COME ON. It’s gross if you think about it. In the book David was in love with Natalie, and now he’s an old man………………………… That is not a ship, at least, not anymore. They could have easily found a middle aged guy without white hair, I might add, easily, to play David.
  3. WHERE IS MY URIAH?????? If he was in this movie, I did not see it. He is a much bigger character than the movie producers thought. Divergent. He is only a name on a screen. Insurgent. OMG HE HAS PHYSICAL FORM HE IS REALLL YYYYEEEEESSSSS. Allegiant. WHERE IS HE?!?!?!??! I mean, cutting out all of the fun people from Dauntless makes for terrible adaptations.
  4. Why are you in Chicago again, Tris? I thought that the serum was controlled by the bureauWHY WOULD THEY CONTROL IT FROM CHICAGO????? How are they going to even make Ascendant? TRIS DIES TO SAVE CHICAGO. COME ON PEOPLE. I don’t think David has the agility to even shoot Tris. As I said above, he’s old.
  5. George Wu? Is there a George Wu here? uuuhhhh, NO. So, Tori gets shot and we don’t get a storm of feels when it turns out that her brother is alive after all? I guess not. THEN WHY DID THEY KILL TORI?
  6. Does Nita even get a half hour of this movie? Seriously, she’s supposed to be a main character in the book. She’s supposed to lead an attack! SHE HAS NO BACKSTORY SHE SAVES THEM ONCE IN THIS WHOLE THING.
  7. I don’t think that the weapons lab exists in this movie. IT’S WHERE TRIS DIES COME ON IT NEEDS TO BE A PART OF THIS MOVIE.
  8. I’m not loving how it looks like they are on Mars. And the weird little bubble things they fly in to get to the bureau? Yeeeahhh, no.
  9. I think Peter got all of the comedic lines in this movie. Peter is supposed to take the memory serum and start over. I feel like Tobias or Christina should have at least one humorous line.
  10. Okay, I’ll admit I’m grasping at straws now, and I’ll give this movie a C-. Thanks for reading, book llamas!

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #2: Top Ten Thoughts on the Allegiant Movie~ Infinite Disappointment

  1. I’m not going to see it simply for the fact that it does look horrible. The book wasn’t the greatest, either, but from what I’ve been hearing they’re not even remotely close to what the book is about. Glad to know I didn’t waste my money.

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  2. Yes, thank you for brutal honesty when it comes to the third movie in a series that has been so greatly anticipated, and hyped, that we’re all more than a little nervous — because of what happened in the third book. Now I don’t think I’ll even bother — and I know there are others out there who share my feeling.

    P.S. Thanks for all the blogging love on The Invisible Moth! 😉

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