Top Ten Tuesday: My Yallwest Bucket List!

yallwest top ten tuesday (!).jpgHi everyone! I’ll be going to Yallwest, a YA and MG book event in Santa Monica, California this weekend! These are the top ten things I’m hoping to do there! Continue reading “Top Ten Tuesday: My Yallwest Bucket List!”

This or That Tag!

this.or.that.jpgHappy Saturday! Or weirdly late on Saturday. I was tagged by the brilliant Of Books and Bailey to do This Tag! Thanks Bailey! I’ll just be answering a bunch of this or that questions and some other random questions! Hope you guys enjoy this! Continue reading “This or That Tag!”

Looking for Alaska by John Green~This book deserves the hype


This book was probably John Green’s best book that I’ve read so far (every one except Will Grayson, Will Grayson), and his darkest.  Continue reading “Looking for Alaska by John Green~This book deserves the hype”