Top Ten Tuesday #4: Top Ten Booktubers

booktube.jpgOkay, yes, these are some of the most popular people on BookTube, but they ARE fantastic……

  1. Christine May Riccio of Polandbananas(BOOKS, 20, BORED, XX) and Long Distance ChillPbpVSWos.jpg. She’s so energetic! She’s the loudest booklion on the internet! Her sketch videos are fantastic, HOW DOES SHE COME UP WITH IT? My favorite video of any of her channels is probably Back to the Present, since it’s literally the most hilarious thing I’ve seen ever. Her love of books is infectious. She’s my favorite YouTuber of all time. WILL + CHRISTINE= KNOW (I liked that video a LOT).
  2. Jesse George of JessetheReader. I like how he does the “whoosh” thing at the start of literally every video. He, uh, also does a good job talking about dem books (especially Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children).
  3. Kathleen O’Keeffe of Katytastic. She has really great thoughts on all the books she reviews. It’s really great when she gets all protective of her bae, Will Herondale. 😂
  4. Sasha Alsberg of abookutopia (another awesome person with a one word lowercase username/channel name). She’s such a cool person, fangirling all the time over Outlander and Shadowhunters. SHADOWHUNTERS FOR LIFE PEOPLESSSSSS.
  5. Sophia of thebookbasement (that channel name is on point). SHE’S THE ONE WHO INTRODUCED ME TO HAMILTON ETERNAL THANKS TO YOU (even though you’ll never see this lol). But seriously, I wouldn’t know what Hamilton was until I watched her video about it, then saw Christine commented that she listened to it to and for a long time I never listened to it, but now I’m OBSESSED.
  6. Zoë Herdt of readbyzoe (man, these channel names-FANTASTIC).  She’s really informative and thoughtful about what she says about, well, everything.
  7. Andreya of Little Yellow Bookshop. I really like her opinions! They’re just 👍🏻 .
  8. Emma of emmabooks (one-word channel name. YES.) Her hooping skills are just FABULOUS. Her insta is full of hooping clips, which are DA BEST.
  9. Caz of Little Book Owl- Her bookshelves are so pretty! #BOOKSHELFGOALS.
  10. Anyone who’s ever mentioned Hamilton ever on their BookTube who wasn’t mentioned above.

BYYYYYEEEEE. Thanks for reading!!! Also, I’m obsessed with this screenshot I took of a YouTube #Ham4ham:


THE SCHUYLER GEORGES. GROFF AS ANGELICA. I CAN’T EVEN. I’m so excited to get the Hamiltome in the mail! The wait beginssssssss……..


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