Top Ten Tuesday: My Yallwest Bucket List!

yallwest top ten tuesday (!).jpgHi everyone! I’ll be going to Yallwest, a YA and MG book event in Santa Monica, California this weekend! These are the top ten things I’m hoping to do there!

  1. Get a picture with Christine Riccio! I’ll definitely see her at the Booksplosion Meetup, but it would mean so much to me if I got a picture. I’m a huge fan of her videos and I’d just LOVE to see her in real life, at least.
  2. Get a PolandbananasBOOKS T-Shirt. If you didn’t see on Christine’s Instagram, she will be SELLING HER MERCH AT THE EVENT FROM 10-11 A.M. on Saturday, I believe. Blargh I’m so ashamed I don’t have one yet! I love her new Hamilton design!
  3. Get my books signed+get a picture with RAINBOW ROWELL. She’s one of my favorite authors of ALL TIME. Her books are FREAKING FANTASTIC, but most of you guys probably know that already. 😊
  4. Meet other bloggers and the like. It’d be so cool seeing all of these people I read about online in real life! I’m sure all of guys are AWESOME.
  5. I want to find another nerdfighter who will do the gang sign (not a real gang, DO NOT JOIN A GANG) with me, which is this: 
  6. Find another person who loves Hamilton (though my real-life friend Magical Narwhal loves it)! They are having a Hamilton Singalong, so that probably won’t be too hard!
  7. Get my Miss Peregrine books signed by Ransom Riggs! I love those books so much, and I CANNOT WAIT for the movie in September!
  8. Talk about The Infernal Devices with a fellow fangirl. Literally, none of my friends have read them! I’ve probably recommended them about ten+ times. #reallifestruggles
  9. Take TONS of photos. I’ll probably be spamming my Instagram with them! I’ll be blogging my experience when I come back with LOTS of pictures, hopefully (I’ll be inactive on my blog this weekend).
  10. Go to the “Story on Youtube” panel! Again, Christine Riccio will be a part of this panel and I’m literally excited beyond words (as I communicate to you guys in 1’s and o’s and words).

I hope to see some of you guys there! I’m thrilled to go! Thanks for reading! Remember my Goodreads is thebookllama_hannah and my Instagram is @thebookllama! Bye!


17 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: My Yallwest Bucket List!

  1. I’m so jealous. I wish I lived in California or Chicago so I could to amazing book events like this one and BookCon. Sigh. I do plan on going to BookCon next year. I WILL make it happen.

    The next big book event I have to look forward to is the Texas Book Festival, but that’s in November..

    Anyway, have fun for the rest of us!

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  2. Sounds like a plan! I really wish for you that you get to meet Christine 🙂 This event sounds so cool, I wish I could go too, but unfortunately it’s too far away. Gotta live it through your blog now 🙂

    xo Annina

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