Thoughts on the Miss Peregrine’s Movie

mphfpcmr.jpgA movie review of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

So, I just watched the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children movie, and I had a few criticisms as well as praises. If you haven’t watched it, well, it’s much better than the Divergent movies, so keep that in mind.

I was absolutely in love with how they shot it. It was remarkably clear and the scenery was amazing. Their CGI was beautiful, creating all of those effects (like the hollowgasts). There was some stop-motion in there, too! It really felt like a Tim Burton movie, in my own opinion. I think that the whole feel of the beginning portion of the movie on the island was absolutely spot-on.Image result for its amazing

Excuse me for being all over the place, but the ending? What? I’m rather concerned as to how they will continue on with Hollow City, if that turns out to be a reality. I didn’t like the portrayal of the hollowgasts being in modern day, bumping with ignorant passerby. I just thought that it really clashed with both the ending of the original book and the overall theme of the story. I mean, we’re on this seemingly isolated and creepy island, but now we’re on a pier with rides and the like?Image result for what?

I was also really uncomfortable with the romance between Olive and Enoch. Olive’s character overall, I didn’t really enjoy. She seemed like a little girl shoved into a teenager’s body. Usually I’m all over the ships, but I really just wasn’t feeling this one.Image result for no.

I was not fond of the comedic elements they tied into the story. I think it really took away from the book’s theme, which feels creepy and a little darker. The humor felt really out of place in a story like this.

Image result for not funny

Overall, this was a pretty accurate adaptation, and I really enjoyed it. No movie is perfect, obviously, but this one was pretty great. 85%. What did you  guys think of the movie? Did you think it was an accurate portrayal of the book? Make sure to comment your thoughts! Remember that I have a Goodreads and an Instagram (which I just made public today! Yay!), and I’d really appreciate if you checked them out! Have a good day everyone!




6 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Miss Peregrine’s Movie

      1. Yeah I guess I’m not that into fantasy. I was disappointed in the Florida scenes. Usually Tim Burton paints suburbia with more of a twisted perspective


  1. I agree. The ending was incredibly confusing. Not to mention the theme park and the tower felt sort of out of place. I have only read the first book in the series, so I have no idea if Tim has included parts of the sequel in this movie, but the ending felt kind of …final? I don’t think there’s going to be a sequel :/ I’m not even sure if Tim Burton does sequels 😂
    Great review!!

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  2. So, I just took my kids to see this today. I already knew about the role reversal with Emma and Olive and although I wasn’t happy about that, there was a lot to like. It seemed, though, that this book was a smash up between all three books. (They rescued Miss Peregrine in the second book; how Hollows/Wights are created is discussed in the third) And there is a lot that happens in this movie that did not happen at all in the books. Do you remember the hollows eating the eyes of peculiars in the books? I thought they just ate them all up. Its been so long since I read them…
    Rebecca @ The Portsmouth Review
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