Literal Book Titles: Favorite Books of 2016 Edition

I’m back bearing book titles! *contains mild spoilers*Image result for blood for blood bookOriginal Title: Blood For Blood

Literal Title: Done For Done With This Guy Who Can’t Seem To Die

I really loved this book. If you didn’t know, this book is a sequel to Wolf By Wolf, an alternate history book about WWII. It’s what could’ve happened (okay, not really because there’s this strange shape-shifting experimentation that didn’t exist. Unless….) if the Axis Powers won WWII. It honestly seems like a “good sequel” is a bit of an oxymoron in the YA world, but this book was truly great.

Image result for talking pictures book ransom riggsOriginal Title: Talking Pictures

Literal Title: A Creepy Compilation

Whenever I showed this book to anyone or tried to explain what it was, people always responded with “That’s so creepy!” I agree. But along with being vaguely creepy, I think that it’s exceptionally interesting. It’s full of photographs Ransom Riggs collected from a myriad of places. When I went to a signing for Tales of the Peculiar, he mentioned as I was getting this signed that it took longer to make than the Miss Peregrine’s trilogy, which makes a lot of sense.

Me being the nerd I am (I was super early to the signing!)

Image result for twilight booksOriginal Title: Twilight


Literal Title: Bella…What Does She Do, Again?

I honestly was hesitant to put this on my list, but overall I thought Twilight was just a really fun read lacking in meaning. Okay, I completely regret this, but it’s already in the photo I posted so no taking it back! Check out my Breaking Dawn review here.

Image result for carry on bookOriginal Title: Carry On

Literal Title: The Best Fanfiction Ever

love Rainbow Rowell’s books! I still need to read the rest of Attachments, but besides that, I’ve loved all of her books, even Kindred SpiritsCarry On is Rainbow’s take on Cath (from Fangirl)’s fanfiction. It follows Simon and Baz as they become basically the cutest ship that has ever been. Also MAGIC. Their magic is the best! There are song lyrics and other fun things! YES. Check out my book review here.

Image result for a million worlds with youOriginal Title: A Million Worlds With You

Literal Title: Dimensional Traveling and Other Antics

This is the final book in the Firebird trilogy by Claudia Gray. It follows technology that is able to jump you between dimensions. Basically it’s all contained in this little necklace. Thennnnn, crazy antics ensue.

Image result for me before youOriginal Title: Me Before You

Literal Title: Jojo Moyes STAHHHP 

This book follows Louisa Clark, a (BRITISH) girl who has just been recently let go from her job. She then becomes a caretaker for a paraplegic man. The book continues on as she tries to stop him from committing suicide, since he is done being disabled. This book was mostly happy, but, of course, it was very sad at times. Check out my book review here. Check out its sequel, After You,’s book review here.

Image result for the great gatsbyOriginal Title: The Great Gatsby

Literal Title: You Read Me For English Class

My favorite classic because of *whispers* the language. The way this book is written is unbelievably beautiful and now I’m determined to read all of Fitzgerald’s work. No other comments, you should just read it! Check out my review here.

Have you read any of these? What do you think? I love reading your comments! Remember, here’s my Instagram, Facebook, and Goodreads. Happy new year! Also, this “literal book title” idea is from Christine Riccio. Watch her original video here!


4 thoughts on “Literal Book Titles: Favorite Books of 2016 Edition

  1. What a fun post! I love your alternative titles. I haven’t read all of these, but I’ve been meaning to check out Wolf by Wolf (and then Blood for Blood). Glad to see it on your favorite lists!


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