1984~Big Brother Is Watching! (with spoilers)

*casts nervous glance at telescreen while there are spoilers in this post*Image result for 1984 book cover kindleTitle: 1984

Author: George Orwell

Publisher: Secker & Warbug

Genre: Science Fiction

Goodreads Description:

Thought Police. Big Brother. Orwellian. These words have entered our vocabulary because of George Orwell’s classic dystopian novel, 1984. The story of one man’s nightmare odyssey as he pursues a forbidden love affair through a world ruled by warring states and a power structure that controls not only information but also individual thought and memory, 1984 is a prophetic, haunting tale.

1984 was absolutely phenomenal. It was crazy, crazy to see this play out. First, we open on Oceania, a ruining London, smoggy and dirty. But, Winston Smith, our protagonist, hates the society he lives in. He writes in a diary, which is completely illegal, a thoughtcrime. He writes about events in his life, and about his hatred of Big Brother.

Winston attends the “Two Minutes’ Hate”, where he sees the dark-haired girl from the Fiction Department, and thinks to himself about men he works with that will be killed by their police. Later, the girl, Julia, admits in a note that she loves Winston.

Now, Julia, Julia, I could not S-T-A-N-D her, mostly because she didn’t like books. But I found her only interesting because of how Winston loved her, and then how he had to betray her later.

My favorite part was the most frightening parts. Specifically, when O’ Brien was talking to Winston about his life and what they were going to do to it. I mean, it was obvious from the start that big brother didn’t exist.

Thanks for reading! Have you read 1984? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Remember, here’s my Instagram, facebook, and Goodreads.


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