Buying and Borrowing Books~Pros & Cons

*walks to library and then the bookstore in one day*

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The library. A magical land filled with free books, a seemingly endless stock of them, and eternal joy. Annnnnnnnnd then there are bookstores. They eat up money like a vending machine, but still have SUCH AN ALLURE.

Both are really great, but they both have their pros and cons.

I think we should examine more closely, so everyone can make an informed decision about their book-acquiring adventures.

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Buying Books

Ohhhh, buying books is a bit of a slippery slope, but it’s SOSO GREAT. Image result for bookstore


  • You can keep the book forever. You can admire it on rainy days when you’ve got the blues, and it really makes your day. That shiny copy of The Great Gatsby you ordered from London, just because it means soooooo much more owning your favorite book.
  • No stress. You don’t worry about due dates, losing it and having to pay like 2x the regular price of the book instead of JUST REPLACING FROM AMAZON LIKE A NORMAL HUMAN. It sucks to buy a new copy if you lose your old one, but I feel better than if I lose a library book.
  • If you go to the bookstore, you get that nice, satisfied, “I just bought something and GOODNESS I AM GOING TO CHERISH IT AND LOVE IT AS MY KIN.” Okay, maybe not as kin, but I think it’s really fun to have literally perused for like an hour and then GET THAT BOOK YOU’VE WANTED FOR YEARS. Or maybe it’s that shiny new release that you spot almost immediately and OMGGGG YES. 

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  • MONEY. Money money money. It really adds up after a while, and you know, there’s only so much of it! It’s a little frustrating that ALL BOOKS CAN’T JUST COST FIFTY CENTS GOSH DARNIT ECONOMICS.
  • At some point you can’t return it. Say you have a thirty day return policy or something, read the book after, and then detest it, THERE’S NO GOING BACK IT’S SO FRIGHTENING. You can always donate it, but maybe the book really is just awful and then you’re pushing it on someone else?!?!?! That just seems cruel, but you know, charity *thumbs up*
  • Going to a brick-and-mortar bookstore is sometimes so much work. I mean, you have to drive or walk all the way to the store, and then you might not even find anything you want there.

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Borrowing Books

looooooove going to the library and borrowing books. Image result for library fees


  • NO MONEYYYYY. except late fees. Late fees are a terrible thing that should be destroyed. Fun fact: the money that libraries make DOES NOT MAINLY COME FROM LATE FEES. They could most definitely could take them away. Some already have, in order to encourage more reading- which is something all of us want! Library cards are credit cards times infinity. Also, I kind of couldn’t find my library card, but I found out that I could access the barcode from the library app on my phone (wow it’s really the future, everyone).
  • #OPTIONSSSSSS. At the bookstore, it’s pretty limited, and usually I don’t know what’s at the store, but usually when I decide to go to the library, I go with books in mind or on hold. I think there’s a bit of a wider fiction selection at the library, older books than you’ll find at a Barnes and Noble.
  • I can take so many with no shame at all. I can walk out of there with twenty books in my bag, and it just makes me proud and impresses passerby with my strength, both in my shoulder carrying the resilient tote bag, and MY HUGE INTJ BRAIN. At the bookstore, buying twenty books sets you back like four hundred dollars (plus tax!), and that causes some guilt.

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  • Sometimes the books are…a little icky. You’ll find a book with a “mysterious” brown mark staining the corner of twenty pages, or a yellow one covering the title page. It honestly grosses me out sometimes. Hey, but that’s what soap is for, after all.
  • It’s called “borrowing” for a reason. There’s that sad day when you have to return your library books, even if you haven’t gotten to them. At least you can renew, which you’d think would be more than enough time, but sometimes I read the books I own instead! Whoops… But on the bright side, it reduces clutter!
  • FEES. The aforementioned fees are a plague! A plague I say!

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Do you prefer buying or borrowing? Both? I think that I prefer both, since they each have their ups and downs. Remember, here’s my InstagramFacebook, and Goodreads.


3 thoughts on “Buying and Borrowing Books~Pros & Cons

  1. Ahh I love our list! And a pro I’ll add to the “borrowing” list, is that you can borrow and not worry about if you dislike the book and therefore waste money.😂 I am super frugal with my spending so I loooove libraries to help me with those books I’m not sure I’ll like or not.😂SAVES ME SO MANY TIMES. However if I fall in love I hate sending them back. 😭😭 So many bookworm crises to be had. GAH.

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