cropped-resistheaderHello, everyone! I’m Hannah, a teen who loves books and other media (but books especially) an inordinate amount. You’ll find me on a daily basis either reading, blogging, watching Friends, or stressing too much about school for my age.

On this blog, I hope you’ll find something you’ll like, and if not-feel free to leave any suggestions or ideas you may have! The vast majority of this content is book-related, and if that makes you happy, you should stick around for sure. If not, well, I’m not going to tell you to leave. I’m trying to start to branch out a little into Lifestyle and such, but we’ll see.

Some random facts:

My favorite authors are John Green, JK Rowling, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Charlotte Brontë, I use a Canon 70D, and I don’t like carrots, peas, and broccoli. English and History are my favorite subjects in school, and I’ve been doing ballet since I was three.

This is just a little about me, and I’m sure you’ll find more as you explore the blog!



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